Thursday, 6 January 2011

Why not make the most of being a girl?

Reviewing this Christmas with mum and we remembered the lovely sale shopping trips we used to have. We had them for many years, pre Warmth, when the time inbetween Christmas and New Year can sometimes seem slow. This quote sprung to mind, although Polly was a great deal younger than me when Aunt Sadie said this to her.

'...but since you have the whole of your life before you as a married woman why not make the most of being a girl? You'll never be one again.' Nancy Mitford Love in a Cold Cimate

Diorissimo 1956

This was one of my favourite images from the Rene Graus Dior Ilustrations exhibition. It felt appropriate in this post seeing that Nancy Mitford was a great admirer and wearer of Dior's 'New Look.'


  1. Sale shopping abandoned due to snow! Thank goodness for Nancy Mitford though - she does make the dark days feel lighter and brighter.

  2. Love that image! And that quote is so right. You never realize as a single girl how lovely all of that alone time with your mom and girlfriends really is, and how little of it there will be once you find your love. It is one of those odd feelings, so happy to have found the love of your life, but also a bit sad at everything that gets left behind.
    And this reminds me I need to pick up a few Mitford books this winter.

  3. And, if I remember rightly, Polly had such a fun time as a girl, in that big old house with all those weird and wonderful characters.

  4. Tonia - and today is particularly dark - and wet.
    hip hip - wise words and yes oh so true - especially looking back with the rose tinted glasses and forgetting the 'will he 'phone?' 'will I ever meet someone moments'.
    potterjotter - Oh so true - though I think her life would have been more fulfilled with a beautiful pottery snowflake like I have!

  5. Being a woman is so special and spending time with other women is probably the best feeling! Hope your day is perfectly special today:)

    Julie xo

  6. The image and quote were so charming that I had to look up Love in a Cold Climate -- I had never read it or Pursuit of Love. Thanks for helping me add these to my TBR list! Col

  7. Ah Nancy- I always have to either read Love in a Cold Climate or watch the BBC adaptation of it (have you seen it, I really like it although it does make cuts of course).

    I loved the Gruau as you know! I'm so glad I managed to go at the eleventh hour

  8. Connolly - oh you'll love those novels.

    Rose - I've not seen the BBC adaptation - there's one for a cold afternoon.


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