Monday, 31 January 2011

The Month of January

New Year's Day Having been abstemious last night we met bil and sil (Warmth's brother and his wife) for drinks around Charlotte Street. Ending with food at DimT and then we (sil and I) managed to persuade the boys to have a cocktail at The Charlotte Street Hotel.
Sunday lunch at The Honor Oak. I swore no more eating after that....
Taking down the Christmas tree - as they say in High Society 'My she was ya.'
Supper with a dear friend at Pizza East. I wasn't sure of my pizza choice but the chocolate and salted caramel tart - oh my worth a revisit for that alone...
Mooching with a dear friend in Marylebone High Street. delicious brunch at Cafe Luc, great book buying at the Oxfam shop and best of all a good catch up.
Off to Greenwich Picture House to see Of Gods and Men. It is wonderful.
Exploring Canary Wharf for shopping - hmm not sure about it. Think I'll stick to One New Change.
Celebrating Papa Warmth's birthday with the Warmth family annual 'Card of the Year Competition.'
Brunch with dear friends expecting their first baby any time...
My first attendance at a new book club.
Venturing up to Islington for The London Art Fair - oh to have thousands of pounds to buy art, art and more art. Then a delcious thai and catch up.
Another wonderful film watched - Julie and Julia. We both loved it and now having a big love of all things cooking and Julia Childs. Followed the next night by the Baader-Meinhof Complex. Two very different films in one weekend.
Great end of sale shopping in Anthropologie.
Birthday supper for a dear friend at Bedford and Strand.
Saturday lunch with great friends who have now moved back to London.
Finally managed to see The King's Speech. Absolutely loved it.

Baking Hummingbird Nutty Apple Loaf for dear friends who are just about to have a baby...
Books read - Started the year with real trash - My Last Duchess by Daisy Goodwin, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Muriel Spark. For the wonderful Virago reading week - Union Street by Pat Barker, Frost in May by Antonia Fraser. A House in the Country by Jocelyn Playfair, beginning to think about Persephone Reading Weekend. This and Union Street were both bought at the Oxfam book shop.

The first daffodils were bought.


Here's to February and an abundance of daffodils.


  1. Ooh, your daffodils have bloomed - beautiful!

  2. A full round-up of a January without a single moan about the weather: well done!

  3. Oh daffodils! My favourite spring flower. What did you think of the Virago books you read, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  4. Verity - alas that's not one of my photographs, but the daffs were lovely.
    Tonia - why thank you!
    Carolyn - I'm mulling something over at the moment regarding Virago and my thoughts.

  5. Julie and Julia fueled a cooking/Julia Child binge for me, too! I highly recommend My LIfe in France and if you can get her old TV shows on DVD, they're great too!

  6. PR - yes thinking about it it was blissful.
    JoAnn - we 'You Tubed' Julia Childs the next day - Warmth had great fun cooking omlettes a la Julia.

  7. Needing daffodils, sun and a warmer weather...beautiful words for this cold winter morning.

  8. Julie - do you have snow over in your part of North America?

  9. Oooh i made a mention in the monthly round up!!! Wooooo hooooo lucky lucky me.......

    I also read The Duchess.... pappy mushy trash .... perfect grey january afternoon read (perfectly appropriate only to pay 2nd hand price!!)



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