Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Warm and Human

Visiting the Rene Grau Dior Illustrations reminded me of Mrs Harris and her quest for Dior.

'It would not, it would never be the same again. But then neither would she.
For it had not been a dress she had bought so much as an adventure and an experience that would last her to the end of her days. She would never again feel lonely, or unwanted. She had ventured to a foreign country and a foreign people.... She had found them to be warm and human, men and women to whom human love and understanding was a mainspring of life. They had made her feel that they loved her for herself.' Paul Gallico Mrs Harris Goes To Paris


So today's post was planned just in case yesterday was a 'certain breed of Tuesdays'. We may need something to make us smile today.


  1. I like that thought, that she had not so much bought a dress but an adventure. I think most women shop that way. It's not so much about the item as what we think the item will bring, or who we will be if we have it. Lovely passage.

  2. Yes hip hip - it's the adventures we have wearing the dresses...

  3. I don't really wear dresses these days; maybe that explains the lack of adventures in my life!

  4. Oh Potter adventures don't just happen with dresses they happen with anything. You have the most wonderful adventures with pottery.


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