Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A place, a room

My parents have lived in our home for thirty years. I have always loved home yet since the wedding preparations I think of it even more warmly. Those weekends of preparations, arriving the week before the wedding, those final days of preparation, sleeping there the night before, waking in the morning,
leaving the house with Pops...

With these memories I treasure even more the time spent there, part of looking forward to Christmas was being home. How perfect that I read this sentence in the book I was reading over Christmas.

'Is it rational to have a sentiment about a place? A place, a room is just a space enclosed, volume sequestered by concrete and glass.' Simon Mawer The Glass Room

dream home
My answer to this question is a loud resounding YES. What's your answer?


  1. I know how you feel - the thought of going home is one of the most comforting. My mother's house epitomises homeliness, comfort and safety. Somehow, she always manages to fill it with the most delicious cooking smells!

  2. ah yes 'comfort and safety' - oh so important in a home...

  3. Bit late to comment - but I think its down to that old thing about a house just being a house until people imbue it with that magic something that makes it a home.


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