Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Partnership of Delight

Four years ago today Warmth and I had our first date...

'In the weeks that followed, Molly walked into another life. There was then, and there was now. Her entire past self seemed like someone else. a person who had been fine, who had been content enough, but also quite ignorant, who did not know. Now, she was the person who knew, who knew how it was to be one of two, half of a partnership of delight, who knew the exquisite pleasure of anticipating the phone call, the uprush of joy when you saw him coming down the street or stepping off a train, or looking at you from the bed.' Penelope Lively Consequences

are so happy


  1. What a fabulous quote! Nearly 4 years since K and I had ours...

  2. A really wonderful quote - made me remember how it all was in the beginning, the delicious suspense of it all.

  3. Such a lovely quote! There is definitely that before and after feeling isn't there? I can't really remember the before anymore, it is a bit odd but also kind of fantastic to feel like we've always been together.

  4. Verity - Glad you like it - hurrah for date anniversaries.
    Tonia - It is all exciting in the beginning and I like how she also acknowledges that life was fine before hand that it makes everything even better.
    hip hip - How many years have you been together?


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