Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A breed of Tuesday in January

Hoping today bucks this trend but if it's anything like last Tuesday...

'In England letter-boxes do not jam with snow. Rarely does one see a squirrel tremble... This is because it is never really very cold in England. It is drizzly and the wind will blow; hail happens, and there is a breed of Tuesdays in January in which time creeps and no light comes and the air is full of water and nobody really loves anybody but still a decent jumper and a waxen jacket lined with wool is sufficient for every weather England's got to give.' Zadie Smith On Beauty



  1. I haven't read On Beauty- now I think I should! she's wrong about the weather this year though...

  2. We are about to get snowed in again starting tonight, but that actually is quite the norm here in New England =) I have to admit I love the snow and cold, I just hope there is no damage. Because when the snow is such that the road is blocked for days and things starting breaking we very quickly get to the point where "nobody really loves anybody".

  3. Rose - yes I did think of putting a disclaimer about British weather this year not quite fitting the descriotion.
    hip hip - Hoping the snow isn't too deep and prolonged with you.

  4. Enjoyed so much reading some of your posts. Found you through inspired shares. Will come back!

  5. To me, this sounds more like Chicago in February. In my opinion, the all time worst season of the world, second only to August in Chicago. This quote is quite excellent, though, really getting to the grim side of Winter. For those who don't like it (which isn't me. ;)

  6. Casa - thank you for your comment and welcome. I look forward to exploring your blog.
    Bellezza - At least February is a short month - but it can be equally grim over here too in February.

  7. I love that image. We have a snowy day here in New York, I think this wil be my look for today. :)

    Dreaming of Palm Trees

  8. Hello Karina - hope the snow doesn't reach your letter box.


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