Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Edible Woman

So after yesterday's quote from sixteen year old me. These two Virago quotes about how we change seem appropriate.

'It was one thing to be admired because one was lovely, and quite another thing to be admired because one was still so lovely. She did not belong to the sort of woman who, half-way through her life, can change her manner and inaugarate a new existence;' Vita Sackville-West The Edwardians 1930

'Whatever was going to happen to Clara had already happened: she had turned into what she was going to be... She only wanted to know what she was becoming, what direction she was taking, so she could be prepared.' Margaret Atwood The Edible Woman 1969

I've mentioned before that many of the quotes I save refer to travelling through life. Do we stay the same, how do we change? I've changed alot since I was sixteen yet yesterday's quote still strikes a chord with me.
Virago, or indeed books in general, speak to the teenager, the young adult, the adult and journey with us as we mature and beyond.

Which Virago has travelled with you through your changing life?


  1. Another perceptive and insightful post, Joan! I love how you pick out such lovely quotes - I wish I had kept quote books from a younger age - they really do show you your state of mind.

    I'm not sure of the answer to your question...though Nanda in Frost in May reminded me very much of myself as a schoolgirl.

  2. These quotes are wonderful... will be looking into both books. Thank you.

  3. Bookssnob - I think Nanda will be a character who will suddenly pop into my memory in years to come - maybe when I see ribbons in hair.
    JoAnn Glad you like it.

  4. I just read The Edible Woman, it was a wonderful book!


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