Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Tilted saucers filled with flowers

Ah the frippery side of Virago - but yet always surrounded and linked to deeper thoughts and feelings.

'Mrs Blenkinsop at once replies that, for her part, she has never given up all those little feminine touches that make All the Difference. A ribbon here, a flower there.' E.M. Delafield The Diary of a Provincial Lady


'How sweet of you,' she had said, 'but darling, I don't wear hats any more, except on Sunday. And I've got my -'
'No,' he said firmly, 'I shall buy you a new hat...'
And to-day, on his way to lunch with someone at Boodle's, he had kept a sharp eye open for women wearing pretty hats. Extraordinary things they were, he thought, like tilted saucers filled with flowers...' Mollie Panter-Downes One Fine Day


Hoping you have a 'tilted saucers filled with flowers' day.


  1. Could do with some tilted-flower-filled-sauceryness to relieve the late January gloom. May spend my lunch hour trying on unsuitable hats.

  2. Its grey and raining and I don't think a new hat will do it for me! Maybe embarking on a new creative project will, though, and that's what's planned for today.

  3. I loved all the cozy, shabby domestic details in One Fine found a perfect quote!

  4. A hat filled with flowers! I do sometimes wish it was still de rigeur for women to wear hats constantly. I look good in hats, but never have an occasion to wear one!

    I think it's wonderful to indulge in the finer side of femininity - something I think we can be afraid to celebrate for fear of appearing trivial.

  5. Wouldn't it be fun if we could experience the they did. Hats, ruffles, dresses everyday and of course red lipstick. So dreamy! xo

  6. Tonia - hope you had fun trying hats on today.
    Potter Jotter - hope your new creative project lifted this January day.
    Audrey - Glad you liked it.
    Bookssnob - oh yes I'm all for indulging in the finer side of femininity. I type this whilst my nail varnish is drying...
    Julie - Love ruffles - still mastering the art of red lipstick.

  7. Nothing beats a fabulous hat to lift one's spirits!

  8. What lovely pictures and quotations! I have a lovely red felt cloche hat with a wide brim which is not only unfailingly practical at keeping the rain off and my head snug on my daily commute, it always makes me feel dressed up and smart when wearing it. It's the little things.

  9. Luvvie - so true a hat does lift one's spirits - be it just keeping head warm and dry in the winter.
    English Rose - It is indeed the little things. love the sound of your hat, and the feel on the tongue of saying 'cloche hat'.


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