Friday, 7 January 2011

The Twinkling of an Eye

When Rachel wrote about how she was 'slowly making my way through' Gilead, as she was relishing it so much, I was prompted to find my copy with all its turned down pages.

'...but it's your existence I love you for, mainly. Existence seems to me now the most remarkable thing that could ever be imagined. I'm about to put on imperishability. In an instant, in the twinkling of an eye.
The twinkling of an eye. That is the most wonderful expression. I've thought from time to time it was the best thing in life, that little incandescence you see in people when the charm of a thing strikes them, or the humour of it.' Marilynne Robinson Gilead


Do go and read Rachel's brilliant review.
Thankyou for reminding me to re open the book and read my favourite passages again.


  1. *sigh* Another book I must add to my wish list...
    Beautiful quote.

  2. Oh you are so welcome! It's such a beautiful book, isn't it, with so much to glean from the pages. I could just wallow in the beauty of it! That's an especially lovely quote you picked out.

  3. I have this one on my shelf and I have to read it soon!! :-)

  4. JoAnn it is truly a great read.
    Rachel - oh there were so many quotes to choose from...
    Willa - oh yes do read it soon.

  5. I've never read that...but your quotes and passages are always so inspiring. Wishing you an inspiring Monday:)

    Julie xo

  6. Thank you Julie - hope your week is inspiring...


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