Monday, 29 March 2010

A Little Unique

'And she did not want him to think her quite mad, only a little unique, only containing within her just that measure of the unexpected sufficient to make her irreplaceable.'
Rose Tremain Music and Silence

I've always loved this sentence. Is it something about the female creature? I think it's there in our modern female characters - Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, Bridget Jones and surely Carrie Bradshaw. But yet isn't it also there in Elizabeth Bennett? We like to be unique - but not too much hence the importance of the word 'little'. If we're too unique who will dig deep enough to get to know us? Will our eccentricity put others off? But a little unique is that something we all desire to be on occasions?
The two things which reminded me of this...
I've been experimenting with perfume and although this next bit is by no means unique, it is unique to Warmth. I've been layering my scent with his Paul Smith. It's not me using his scent, he never wears it, but it's the 'woman wearing a man's scent' thing. And that is also what's appealing about being a little unique - it's different to everyone. My 'little uniqueness' to you is somebody elses 'quite normal'.
Secondly, as we get to know others more we reveal our thoughts, hopes, daydreams and sometimes daft thoughts. That moment of 'What are you thinking?' and it's something really random. Do you pretend it was erudite or do you just think 'Oh let's go with the truth.' Warmth looked at me and laughed when the other day I shared this thought.
'I was so busy thinking about what I was going to wear that I forgot to put my bra on.' What makes this unique for me is not the thinking of what to wear but that I don't have the bust of someone who ever goes without their bra, even in a small flat. What makes it unique to him is that anyone could think of what to wear that much to be forgetful.

So what's your 'little uniqueness' in this world?

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  1. After a long long day of house moving - this has made me laugh out loud!!!!!

    Perfect xxx


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