Friday, 11 May 2012

One can imagine

We recently visited the Royal Academy. I'd saved this quote for such a time.

'It's so important,' the new Isabel had explained, 'that they should like the right things from the very beginning. It saves so much time later on. Really, if the poor pets have to spend their infant years staring at these horrors, one can imagine them growing up and asking to be taken to the Royal Academy.' Katherine Mansfield Marriage a la Mode in Something childish but very natural

I'm intrigued as to what they saw in their infant years to want to visit the Royal Academy and 
why Isabel dislikes it so much.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your visit to the RA. Strange I've read and re-read Mansfield's short stories but I can't remember that extract. Time to revisit I think!

    1. Vintage Reading - Our visit was lovely it was to The Original Print Fair. I'd like to read more Katherine Mansfield.


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