Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The glory of May

'Slowly, laboriously, the years swung through the cycle of the seasons, crawling up to April, tumbling over into the glory of May, waning, falling away like a dead leaf, and leaving behind them as little impression as is made by a leaf's fall. Catherine wondered that so much trouble should have so little result.
The same tomorrow, and the day after that, the same next spring, next autumn, next year, the year after next.' Elizabeth Cambridge Hostages to Fortune
glorious outside drinks

After our wet April here's hoping to a glorious May. 
What do you have planned? 


  1. At least all of this rain is making the time feel like it is moving more slowly, normally at this time of year every day feels like it is going faster and faster to me.

    1. Lilac - Yes you're right though I do feel like I'm a little stuck in March. I liked your rain/reign post somehow I couldn't comment when Zi read it.


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