Thursday, 25 March 2010

Where do you write?

Twin always likes it when she's visited where I'm living so she can 'visualise you when we're talking on the telephone.' This made me wonder. Where do you sit and write your blog? I'm reading your thoughts, interests and learning a little about your life. Our minds can't help but conjure up how each other may look as we read written words, just like imagining characters in a novel. For me part of that imagination is the space we occupy when we write. I wonder do you write in the same room, office, home? And within that space is it always the same place? Always at the kitchen table or on the bed? Where would your dream place be to write? source
What would you imagine with this office view?

Would you sit on the sofa or the chair? Imagine a roaring fire in the winter or the windows wide open in the summer, observing the world passing by below..

Oh to eat, drink, discuss, laugh, cry and write at this table....

Or do you prefer to write in public places?


So where dear reader do you write?


  1. I haven't written for a while ----- but will again soon ---- from my new flat in...

    Sometimes at my desk -

    Often from a cosy chair...

    Sometimes from bed!!!

    And in NW3 ... maybe even from the heath!!!!


  2. I write either at the kitchen table or in bed. Occasionally from other people's computers, when inspiration strikes.


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