Friday, 12 March 2010

Merci Liberty

I think have a new favourite shop in London. Liberty.
I shopped in there tonight to buy my Mother's Day card and gift and bought. Today I'm going to share Merci Liberty. A pop up room - oh I wish it would pop up in my home. I was tempted by much, feel restrained in what I bought and hope to return again soon..
I've always loved bracelets, I think due to being a teenager during Aha worship and also that whole 'I went to France this summer and so have brought back with me lots of friendship bracelets' type fashion. As I've grown up the string has been replaced but I still like that look. So this was perfect for me. At the moment I'm wearing it around my neck but tomorrow who knows... The one I've chosen is white with pink roses - perfect for when summer arrives.

What else tempted me but I didn't buy - well this time?

How could one resist this? The perfect brown envelope.

No matter how small your flat there's always space for one more cushion...
To explain more about Merci here's a sections of what's written on the flyer. Merci - it's an idea in answer to those questions: How can we give? How can we help? Merci's founders, Marie-France and Bernand Cohen, who after selling Bonpoint, imagined this unique place. The founders won't take any wages out of this business and will transfer all its profits to a foundation in they established to help the poorest children, especially in Madagascar.
If you're in London in the next few weeks do pop in or else pop online.
Merci x

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