Thursday, 11 March 2010

Hello Harvey

Today to celebrate our dear colleague's imminent maternity leave we're going to Harvey Nichol's Fifth Floor Bar. I'm looking forward to drinking champagne, laughing, talking about clothes, babies... I'm going to really miss her. It's funny how good work colleagues become so much more. They're the people you see first thing the morning after the night before, whatever that may have been. We may not meet socially at the weekend but we share our thoughts - in some ways they know more about our day to day life than our dearest girlfriends. She's seen me get to know Warmth, fall in love, become engaged, get married. I've seen her get engaged, get married, try for a baby, blossom throughout her pregnancy. Who will I discuss the Oscar outifts with next year? What do we think of the next new Chanel nail varnish? Where's a great place for girl drinks? What shall I do about such and such in my life?
Our team of five will change - and that's sad and that's good. Teams need to move on but I don't think I'll ever work in such a strong team ever again. We compliment each other professionally, we have a shared passion for our jobs, clothes, art, friends and families. We stick together - our team is bigger than the individual and comes before the individual - that's never been spoken it just happens.
We'll stay in touch, hurrah for email and living in London, but knowing the snippets of our daily life, our thoughts well that will move on.

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