Friday, 5 March 2010

Post script to Dressing for Tea

I'm back from having my nails painted and my feelings about the colour echo why the 'Dressing for Tea' quotation speaks to me. I'm not sure about the colour (Essie Curve Ball) I feel all a bit anxie and unsettled. I'm trying to decide is it just becsause it's a shade I'm not used to wearing or is it that it doesn't suit me. I am seriously considering taking it off and going au natural, or else seeing if the spa where the wedding is could repaint it for me. It's one of those moments in life when I think 'Is it vanity or is it a slight autistic streak within me?'. All the anticipation, thought and looking forward to having my nails painted has slightly disappeared.
Note to self:
Curve Ball is perhaps best with longer nails.
Curve Ball is perhaps best with a tan.
Perhaps I am a stronger nail colour type of girl.

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  1. oooh but does it depend on what you're wearing with it?

    Maybe you're still coming into the spring colours .... and tomorrow you will emerge springlike and colourful!?



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