Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Temporary Secretary

I love the way these two words work together, I love the shop and I love the necklace. I enjoyed wearing it to a Valentine's Party and, had I not forgotten it, I'd have worn it to travel to and from a recent wedding. Warmth however does not like it. He mocks it. I wear it proudly. I now have another one to add to my collection. 'cupcake'. A dear friend bought it as a 'saw this and thought of you gift'. (Oh how I love those gifts, to know we are kept in mind.) I also love my cupcake necklace as it was partly given to annoy Warmth.
I love that inexplicable relationship between something that one person loves and another person loathes. I think it's especially true when we're in a relationship - sometimes men just don't get it. SJP - case in point. Ruffles, bows and corsages - case in point. I'm in the strange place of having never really been a jeans and jumpers girl but Warmth likes me best in those clothes. We meet in the middle, and I am learning to wear jeans and jumpers. However sometimes I just need to dress up - a ruffle, a corsage, a random necklace, a frill on a skirt and heaven forfend the 'pussy bow' blouse.

What do you have that you love to wear but is disliked by others? And do you continue to wear it anyway?

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