Friday, 27 January 2012

Like Audrey Hepburn

Our Book club book for discussion this month was The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides.  An unusual story that created a good discussion. I especially liked the words he uses, in fact there was nearly going to be a blog post on the way he uses words, but I decided to read and enjoy the words instead of recording. This line made me smile.

'She held herself very straight, like Audrey Hepburn, whom all women idolize and men never think about.' Jeffrey Eugenides
It may be sacrilegious to write Audrey in the same sentence as SJP but here is another example of a woman whom women love and men just don't understand why.
There's something similar with women and clothes, and I think it's probably where the Audrey SJP thoughts relate. We all have one. That item we love, other women love, but our partner loathes. At the weekend we, well all the women, commented on Sister in Law's necklace. She loves it. We loved it. It's that item that she always receives compliments on, from women. But her husband dislikes it. For Warmth and I it's a black velvet three quarter sleeved jacket. Do you agree? And if so, what is that item for you?


  1. That's very true - not many men do get why Audrey Hepburn is so idolized by women, but is it all down to that one film? Some men I know find her voice in that very affected.
    Oh, but I'm with them with SJP! No idolizing from this quarter, just puzzlement.

    1. Have always loved Audrey - it's that elfin quality which appeals, but which men may find puzzling. Am with Tonia on SJP - don't get it! Other half wouldn't ever comment on what I wear, other than to be positive!

  2. I've just read The Marriage Plot and was compeltely and utterly obsessed by it for four days until I'd finished it. Lovely quote from TVS - I remember it.

  3. Tonia & Cathy - Perhaps it is just the one film? Although I'm always amazed about the difference between the film and the book. Yes puzzlement is a good word for this.
    Laura - So that seems like a recommendation for reading The Marriage Plot.


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