Monday, 9 January 2012

An alarum clock

"That's not an alarum clock going off upstairs?" she cried. "It must be late! I can't bear to think of people getting up already; I need to recruit a lot of energy before I can even think of a new day." Margaret Kennedy The Ladies of Lyndon

Do you need an alarm or do your have your own internal alarm clock? I need an alarm clock and a cuddle from Warmth to wake me...


  1. Oh such an appropriate post as I struggle even though it is only the start of the second week back. We have a light alarm clock but I also need a noisy one too. No chance of Mr W waking up first!

  2. Happy New Year! How timely, I've been struggling since last week to get out of bed. At least the days are getting longer again.
    My other half gets up much earlier then me due to his commute. He has 3 alarms which he regularly ignores and gets back into bed. Then I have to kick him! I have a horrible phone alarm but I fall back asleep with anything less intrusive.

  3. An 'alarum' clock with a snooze button that regularly gets hit at least 3 times before I can drag myself from the sheets. I really need the mornings to lighten up!

  4. Verity - I know my thoughts entirely about it only being the second week back... Thankfully Warmth is a very light sleeper. I'm not sure I could cope with being the one to initiate the waking up.
    L - Happy New Year to you too! Yes - soon it will be lighter. Somwtimes I'd like to go back to an old fashioned alarum clock but I like the fact I don't have to remember to turn my alarm on every night.
    Tonia - Roll on the lighter mornings...

  5. Happy new year Joan!

    I need an alarm clock and the duvet dragged off me before I can get out of bed in the winter. Or a small child wailing close to my ear. Really I wish it was acceptable to hibernate between November and March (and then not need any sleep all summer, imagine how fabulous that would be!).

  6. An alarm clock, a cup of tea in bed, several big hugs and reassurance that I am indeed capable of getting out of my warm bed and into the cold start of a January day! And luckily I do get all that!

  7. Helen - Happy New Year Helen! Maybe in the summer it wold be just lazy summer afternoon dozes under a tree....
    Cathy - Yes hugs are always welcome and make me feel most lucky when waking and getting up.


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