Saturday, 15 May 2010


We haven't had a poem for a while. So today it's my favourite lines from
Tea by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.
I like pouring your tea, lifting
the heavy pot, and tipping it up,
so the fragrant liquid steams in your china cup.

I like the questions - sugar? milk? -
and the answers I don't know by heart, yet,
Jasmine, Gunpowder, Assam, Earl Grey, Ceylon,
I love tea's names. Which tea would you like? I say,
but it's any tea, for you, please, any time of day,
and I am your lover, smitten, straining your tea.
My favourite line?
and the answers I don't know by heart, yet,
And I think it's the word 'yet' the confidence that we will know our lovers answers to that and so many other questions.



  1. Such a sweet poem. I like the "yet" too like you said, I sort of like the feeling that we haven't learned everything there is to learn about those we love, yet. That it will always be a process, even when you know most of it by heart as time goes by some of the answers will change, you have to always be open and willing to learn.

  2. Thank you for this poem- just what I needed to read today! CAD is one of my favourites. Did you read her poem for the election?

  3. HipHip oh so true yes sometimes our answers do change.
    Lula - no I didn't read it and I just tried to google it and couldn't find it either. Glad you read this poem today.


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