Monday, 31 May 2010

The Month of May

A trip to Cambridge to cook for dear friends.
Dim Sum, The National Portrait Gallery, The Bounty Hunter (appalling).
General Election and The Coalition.
Persephone Reading Week - Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary by Ruby Ferguson, finding new blogs, adding books to be read list.
Raspberry, Yoghurt and Orange muffins by The Cookie Girl - delicious and great icing.
Henry Moore at Tate Britain
One Fine Day by Mollie Hunter Downes
Varnished - fingernails - Opi Over the Taupe oooh I did like it, toes Essie Tomboy No More. A return to A list on my toes and Big Spender on my fingernails. (I think this is the shade I wore for my hen nght last year. It's a little too pink for every day.
Tiddlywink evening with food and wine.
Brunch in Browns
A balmy and warm weekend sitting in local pub gardens drinking chilled rose wine.... It felt like summer had arrived.
Fit Flops but need to wear them in... Perfect black sandals from Fenwick - I love them.
Eve Lom face mask - made my skin feel soooo lovely.
Celebrating Dad's birthday.
Baking his birthday cake - Nigella's Strawberry Meringue Cake - mmm may become The Cake of Summer 2010.

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