Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Month of February

Finally February arrived.
A weekend of entertaining my parents. The first time they've stayed in our home. It was lovely. We wandered into our town centre, watched the fireworks to celebrate Greenwich becoming a Royal Borough and then the snow fell. After a cooked breakfast off to Oxlea Woods. So lovely to see the snow - the beauty of the trees, the shrill of the sledges.
Thursday night a little more snow fell.
A quiet weekend. Collecting our wallpaper, a hair cut, mooch along Northcote Road and then to Warmth's parent's.
A day trip to Cambridge to visit dear friends.
Spending Valentine's together. The bus to Greenwich, a walk through Greenwich Park up on Blackheath and then down through the village.
Visiting Granny Warmth in Worthing and then along the coast for an afternoon in Brighton.
An early wake up and a return to Portobello Market on a Friday. For nine years this was where I worked and so the Friday market was part of the rhythm of my week. I miss it and feel quite emotional returning, A favourite croissant from Gail's. A return to my market stall, and yes they remembered me. A pleasing purchase of two cashmere cardigans, a Persephone and a nail paint. Then a hop on the tube and I made it on the 11.30am train to Berkhamsted for lunch with dear university friends.
An expensive visit to the optician for new glasses. Ouch but I have had my last pair for nearly 10 years. So price per wear they're actually quite cheap, well that's what I'm telling myself.
A planned mooch along Marylebone High Street was rather cut short due to the rain. A meet up with Warmth's brother and wife. A pub for the boys and then to The London Cocktail Club for the girls and supper at DimT to satisfy all our stomachs.
A Sunday of productive jobs around the house. Arranging with a neighbour to prune our apple tree and then a paint of our laundry room. (A smart name for the cupboard that houses our washing machine.)
The end of a lovely half term.
Meeting a dear friend for cake and cocktails at Drink,Shop, Do.
Friday night cocktails with the best girls and then for supper. So lovely to catch up and a warm fuzzy glow of love as we laughed, listened and sipped the night away.
Picking up my new glasses. Thankfully I like them, as does Warmth, which is good as he sees them more than me!
Ma and Pa Warmth for Sunday lunch. The last entertaining before our dining room is redecorated - starting the very next day.
Hoping I've managed to stop word verification for posting. Please let me know. Next step ability to reply to individual comments.
Restarted baking. Nigella's Supper onion tart for lunch with butternut squash and stilton soup. Bea's of Bloomsbury's Snickerdoodle biscuits for afternoon tea. A beef stew for supper and Jamie Oliver's Plum and almond tart. Note - half the filling as we had an additional small pudding made from the left over filling. Bill Granger Little Lemon Puddings after a delicious roast pork.
Finished Hostages to Fortune by Elizabeth Cambridge and then braced myself for Ian McEwan's The Comfort of Strangers.With a story line like that I was glad it was a very short story, not sure I could have managed a full length book of that story. Then my first Elizabeth Taylor - A view from the harbour. Just in time to join in with Stuck in a Book's hosting of this Taylor. Finishing the month with my third Elizabeth - Elizabeth Bowen.

I'm now itching for full blown beautiful spring to blossom and bloom.


  1. I'm itching for spring too! What did you do at the market - what did your stall sell? Thanks for turning off word verification, it's such a pain, especially now blogger ask for two words. As to enabling reply to comments, I don't think I did anything, it just happened...

    1. Verity - Alas it was only referred to as 'my market stall' as I purchased so many clothes from it, I didn't own it or sell anything. Glad word verification turning off has worked & yes I think reply may have just happened here too. Let's see what happens when I press publish!

  2. WOW! sounds like an amazing month. Glad to find a fellow Mister God... fan. Thank you for commenting. That book has been with me all my life, I got it as a christening present as my name is Anna and ever since I could read to myself I have enjoyed it so much.

    Glad to have found your blog now. x

  3. P.S I didn't have to prove I wasn't a robot so you've made it work :)

  4. I do like your monthly diary entries and the way that you weave your reading into them.

  5. S&B - hello & pleased to find you. I searched out my Mister God book yesterday & out popped a card of favourite quotes in my teenage handwriting.
    Vintage Reading - Thank you it's a way of keeping track of what I've read over the year.

  6. Glad I checked back as that's so cool. Are they quotes you still like?

    I love finding old things like that. Sometimes I cringe at some of the things I wrote or kept.

  7. I’d like to go to your blog more typically but currently it seems to be taking perpetually to return up.
    I visit from work, and our connection there is pretty good.
    Do you suppose the issue could be on your end?

    Look at my website ... having trouble getting pregnant after a miscarriage


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