Monday, 27 February 2012

Crooked, twisted, blasted

Rachel at Booksnob  hosted a gentle re read of Sense &Sensibility. I re read it recently for book club so it wasn't the right time for another re read. Here's Edward speaking, or perhaps one should say waffling.

"I like a fine prospect, but not on picturesque principles. I do not like crooked, twisted, blasted trees. I admire them much more if they are tall. straight, and flourishing. I do not like ruined, tattered cottages. I am not fond of nettles, or thistles, or heath blossoms. I have more pleasure in a snug farm-house than a watch-tower..." Jane Austen Sense & Sensibility

How do you like your trees and houses?


  1. I like neat houses and wild gardens.

  2. After some thought - because at first I thought I was a tattered and blasted woman all the way - I am pretty much in agreement with Anbolyn. I don't mind a ramshackle house, but I prefer it to possess a roof.

    What about you Joan?

    Helen (gallimaufry)

  3. Helen - Wild country garden like flower beds but somewhere to laze & a lived in house with colourful, slightly planned organised chaos. Most definitely with a roof & lovely front door for me please.

  4. Crooked and twisted trees every time, preferably standing on a bit of blasted heath that I can breathe freely on before heading back to my little ramshackle house in the woods, just a short stroll from the sea. Hey, if I'm going to have a dream, it may as well include all scenarios!

  5. Tonia - yes I don't need neatness but I do need space to breathe. Happy dreaming.


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