Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pointed Stares

"Made a noise in the back of her mouth and then sat saying nothing, but looking the way women do when they have an opinion they are not going to express openly. I don't know what they think those pointed stares are if not opinions deprived of words?" Salley Vickers Miss Garnet's Angel


I don't think it's just women who have this look though, maybe it's more to do with the personality or situation. What do you think?


  1. That is an excellent quotation. I think that's why so many women blog - an opinion deprived of words can be a festering, dangerous thing. Better to let it out ;)

  2. I don't think it's just women either but have encountered it fewer times with men. The only real way of dealing with that kind of look from anyone is to stick your tongue out at them - if they can't crack a smile, then they are best left alone with their wordless stares.

  3. I think a pointed stare is a fabulous accessory, and mine goes with most of my outfits

  4. I've been known to give a few of those stares myself while working in the library. You may not be able to say what you think to customers, but sometimes a look says it all!

  5. Kirsty - Now that's an observant comment on blogging to mull on. So true about letting it out somehow.
    Tonia - A smile is perfect in any situation.
    Lilac - Ha!
    Anbolyn - Your comment about librarian looks reminds me that I'd completely forgotten about my teacher pointed stare when putting this post together.

  6. I just never know if I have the right words. I guess I fear my opinion counts for nothing?

  7. anna - In blog world you so very much have the right words, and so I'm sure you do in all parts of your life.


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