Friday, 2 March 2012

A good month

Sunday, 2nd March
March has brought an end to the rain, the sky is raw now, a screeching blue between fast-moving clouds, and a sharpening wind has risen during the night, gusting in corners, rattling windows.
March wind's an ill wind, my mother used to say. But in spite of that it feels good, smelling of sap and ozone and the salt of the distant sea. A good month, March, with February blowing out of the back door and spring waiting at the front. A good month for change. Joanne Harris Chocolat


I can't wait for spring.
Wishing you all a good month x


  1. We need some of that rain, the garden is looking parched and it's only the beginning of March. I hope it keeps to tradition (March that is) and comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

  2. Lilac - I'm hoping today's weather is as good as yesterday's. Slight rain in the morning followed by sunny afternoon.


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