Monday, 13 February 2012

Flimsiest of papers

I joyfully joined in with Venice in February partly as I knew we had a book I could read, without having to buy another one. It was Ian McEwan's The Comfort of Strangers. I had been forewarned about this book. My is it eerie. Read Bellezza's review and the comments to find out more. After finishing it I felt the need to return to Miss Pettigrew lives for the day to restore my faith in the comfort of strangers.
I shall just post on this passage, quite near the beginning, which made me smile.

'A variety of maps was on sale. The least significant were produced by commercial interests and, besides showing the more obvious tourist attractions, they gave great prominence to certain shops or restaurants. These maps were marked with the principal streets only. Another map was in the form of a badly printed booklet and it was easy, Mary and Colin had found, to get lost as they walked from one page to another. Yet another was the expensive, officially sanctioned map which showed the whole city and named even the narrowest of passageways. Unfolded, it measured four feet by three and, printed on the flimsiest of papers, was impossible to manage outdoors without a suitable table and special clips. Finally there was a series of maps, noticeable by their blue-and-white striped covers, which divided the city into five manageable sections, none of them unfortunately overlapping.' Ian McEwan The Comfort of Strangers

How is your map of Venice?



  1. My map of Venice is, as yet, undrawn but I hope to fill it one day with misty dark streets and the very best hidden places to eat.

  2. I just finished listening to this. Loved that passage you quoted! Working on my review now - a good book, but not exactly likable.

  3. Tonia Yes a map with all the hidden places to eat that each different individual will love. Now that's a good map.
    JoAnn- yes not exactly likeable. Am currently escaping into an Elizabeth Taylor for a welcome relief to it. Look forward to reading your review.


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