Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Month of March

The month started well. A cold cold day. Home early due to a course and the door bell rang. My Brora clearance sale goodies arrived. Pink finger warmers and green bed socks. Spring like yet warm. Alas I'd double clicked and so then the next day another complete order arrived. Eeek. Managing to dress for World Book Day and not look out of place either on the train or more importantly when... Celebrating Great Uncle Henry's 100th birthday at The Crown A 60th birthday party just down the road... Operation Buy Home has expanded to Eltham now. We are determined and serious in trying to find somewhere. This included six viewings in one weekend. We now have an offer excepted on a house... Meeting a local fellow book blogger for tea at The Teapot. Exploring a new bar. Describing itself as a cross between a Victorian gin palace and a speakeasy. Purl. Book a booth, read the cocktail list and sit back... My hairdresser had a pop up shop. Oh if we had a home I would have bought. Celebrating a biggish birthday for Mama Warmth at Baltic. There will be more celebrations... Meeting Twin at Angel for a touch of shopping, peach bellini, supper and then to Sadler's Wells to see 'The Most Incredible Thing' Music by the Pet Shop Boys, one of the main reasons Twin arranged the tickets, and story by Hans Christian Anderson. It was incredible. A journey across to our old patch of London to see friends. It made me reflect on this post. A lovely walk along the river, drinks outside, wearing sunglasses. A Friday supper out just Warmth and I to Wine Wharf. We should do this more often. Celebrating dearest friend's Hen celebration with afternoon at The Lanesborough Nurses and teachers battling through the uncut marches to celebrate felt a little strange. Then to Barnes to meet up with the Warmth family who'd been celebrating The Boat Race. Reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Started Family album by Penelope Lively but have also bought American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield for Book Club read. Films watched - Frost/Nixon. Warmth watched The Hurt Locker, I read Vogue. Varnish - OPI Plunging into Plum. Hmm not sure a little too bright. A new Chanel - Black Pearl. A terrible broken nail - feels like it's so short it will never grow back...

The feeling that Spring has Sprung.


  1. I'm glad about the broken nail ... it was all sounding like too much of a good time! But you still ended on a good note - Spring has definitely sprung.

  2. Has been a funny old month here in the sticks, so it's good to read about a very positive one indeed! Good luck with the house hunting!

  3. Oooh I grew up in the next town over from Eltham! If you need some tips let me know!

  4. potterjotter - he he! Nail has grown a little.
    Tonia - thank you - I thought I hadn't read as many posts from you recently. Hope April is very positive for you.
    bookssnob - oooh yes - tips please it all seems to be going ahead.

  5. Rachel - how exciting! Email me if you want to chat in more detail. Eltham has declined somewhat in recent years - it was actually quite well to do when I was growing up compared to the surrounding area - but there are some lovely parts and beautiful houses, especially nearer to the New Eltham/Bromley borders. Plus there is Eltham Palace and Well Hall Gardens which are lovely.

    I grew up in Sidcup which has also declined - my family decamped to Kent a few years ago, but my grandparents still live in S.E.London and all my friends are in Sidcup, mostly, so the area is still very much a part of my life (when I'm not in New York, obviously!)! I hope everything is going through nicely!


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