Friday, 4 March 2011

I hold her heart in mine

Great Uncle Henry is GreyGran's brother in law. Alas she was unable to make the celebrations. She's too frail and suffers from dementia. My soft spot for her grows each time I see her, and it was pretty big to begin with. Even though dementia was setting in when Warmth and I married it was the one piece of current information which she knew. She celebrated our wedding day with us. And that memory is one that makes the day even more precious. Her last family event.
Last time we saw GreyGran we sat and held her hand for an hour. Each of us with one of our hands in hers, sometimes she stroked our hands, sometimes we stroked hers. Words don't come easily any more so holding hands said more than any words could possibly have said.

"I hold her hand in mine, I hold her heart in mine." Charles Dickens David Copperfield

it's mary ruffle
Yes, as we held each other's hands. We held each other's hearts too.


  1. Thank you for that lovely Dickens quote. We have a relative, just over 95 now, who has vascular dementia. Holding her hand, or kissing her forehead is sometimes the only communication we have with her.

  2. Sometimes being held is more meaningful than any words.

  3. Geraldine & Tonia - Thank goodness for touch when words fail either person for whatever reason.


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