Friday, 1 April 2011

Slips and Stocking and Shoes to match

I've been searching for The Perfect Outfit for an April London Wedding of Dearest Friend. I have now found it but for a time I thought it could be a little like this.

"They spent three crowded hours together in the large square room. Virginia was most exacting, she flung dresses on to Barbara and tore them off again. 'It's not your style at all.' she told Barbara when the latter expressed a preference for a brown crepe-de-chine with a straight bodice and flared skirt.... Just wait a moment till I find what I am looking for,' and she burrowed into the cupboard again. Barbara tried on coats and jumpers and frocks and hats until her newly-waved hair was like a wind-blown haystack... When at last Barbara emerged from the shop she felt somewhat dizzy, and tremendously excited - she had never known until now that clothes could be exciting... There was a bottle-green coat with a fur collar and a hat to match, and a jumper suit to go with it; and then there were two 'little frocks' and an evening gown - and then there were slips and stockings and shoes to match." DE Stevenson Miss Buncle's Book


No need for a slip, I have shoes, now just need to buy the stockings.


  1. Lovely dress, and that quote is from my favourite D E Stevenson book.

    Looking forward to the Persephone reprint of Miss Buncle Married, and the even more exciting news that Greyladies are publishing two previously unpublished D E Stevenson novels in May.

  2. That is a charming dress :-)
    I loved Miss Buncle and particularly enjoyed her little outing shopping.

  3. Geraldine - Thank you for reminding me of Miss Buncle Married. I've Mrs Tim of the Regiment waiting to be read.
    Cristina - Yes clothes and shopping do, for some people, really make the difference in how they feel.
    Glad you both like the dress.


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