Monday, 28 March 2011

Coming into Blossom

The blossom trees are truly blossoming... 'There was a smell of all the flowers at once, as if the earth had been unconscious all day long and were now waking. And from the Countess's centuries-old garden, so littered with fallen branches that it was impenetrable, the dusty aromatic smell of old lime trees coming into blossom drifted in a huge wave as tall as a house.' Boris Pasternak Dr. Zhivago


Do you have any pretty views of blossom near you?


  1. In a word ... No. I think ours usually comes out in May, but it always looks wonderful when it does - great clouds of white blossoms.

  2. No blossoms yet, and although it is going to be sunny this week it is also freezing. Hopefully soon there will be something pretty to look at outside, winter doesn't seem to want to go quietly this year.

  3. potterjotter - ooh white blossom how wonderful.
    hiphip - oh I hope spring hurries up for you - quickly.


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