Friday, 11 March 2011

First Signs of Spring

It's coming... We can feel it in our bones...

'First signs of spring. Thaw. The sleepy air smells of buttered pancakes and vodka as at shrovetide. A sleepy, oily sun blinking in the forest, sleepy pines blinking their needles like eyelashes, oily puddles shining at noon. The countryside yawns, stretches turns over and goes back to sleep.' Boris Pasternak Dr. Zhivago


Hope you enjoy the first signs of spring this weekend.


  1. Yep - I regretted having put my ski jacket on as I cycled to work this morning and arrive somewhat aglow...

  2. Love that Pasternak quote. I've never thought of spring as smelling like vodka, though!

  3. Slowly, slowly it's creeping its way over here. All the birds seemed to realise it together at 5am this morning!

  4. Apart from the beautiful flowers and longer hours of daylight, it's being able to hang washing outside to dry. Got towels and jeans line dried this week, instead of being draped over airers indoors.

  5. Spring is definitely here in the south west of the UK - daffodils all in bloom, snowdrops still in some places, crocus almost over, primroses out in the roadside verges, catkins on the trees, some early blossom ... I love this time of the year when everything is awakening again.
    Margaret P

  6. Pancakes and vodka - what a great combo! We've had some bright spring days round here recently, and its sooo cheering!

  7. Verity - I guess not much opportunity to take off a ski jacket whilst cycling!
    Vintage Reader - me neither but quite like the thought.
    Tonia - oh yes the birds are tweeping in London to. Makes waking up a litte easier.
    Geraldine - oh to have a garden for the scent of freshly dried clothes...
    Margaret - Yes isn't it wonderful. Having moved to a new area I'm enjoying discovering where the signs of spring blossom here.
    potterjotter - yes it is so cheering. Hoping there's more sun next week.


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