Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Kitchen

Alot of the talking and thinking happens in the kitchen in A House in the Country.

"Cressida Chance, alone in the kitchen, slammed the oven door, filled a kettle and put it on the boiling-plate of the stove, scattered cups and saucers and plates on the big table at one side of the room and fetched bread and butter and homey from the larder."

are so happy

"The kettle began to sing on the cooker but memory would not be stopped."

"It is my experience,"... "that in the kitchen you make friends; in the drawing-room you make conversation."

it's mary ruffle

"If a kitchen is not homely it has lost its soul!"

Are so happy
Discussing women and cooking

"Hard? No!" he exclaimed brightly. 'It is a question of fashion only! When cooking shall become the fashion, of more effect than a new hat or a new shade of lipstick, then there will not be so many who hate it!'
What are your thoughts?


  1. Great book for discussion. Could be so happy in that first kitchen's table by a window!

  2. How very timely - we are about to buy a house that needs a new kitchen!

  3. I love making big long lunches and suppers to share with family and friends but everyday, has-to-be-done, just-got-in-from-work cooking? Praise be for Sharwoods sauces!

  4. ramblingfancy - oh a kitchen table by the window...
    verity - ooh how exciting a new house and a need for a new kitchen. Have fun shopping.
    Tonia Oh yes the day to day cooking can't be doing with...

  5. Lovely quotes and inspiring photos! I really must read this novel soon. Thanks!

  6. Beautiful kitchen pictures! I think a kitchen is usually the central hub in a home, so it is important that it looks welcoming and nice!

  7. i think kitchen is soul of any home.
    inspiring photo make a mind to build new kitchen in my home.

  8. Couldn't swing a cat in my kitchen - let alone get a table in it! Love those quotes juxtaposed with the kitchen pictures.

  9. Cristina - oh do read it it's gentle yet very thought provoking at the same time.
    Poppies - Yes everyone gravitates to the kitchen at a party.
    Kitchen Aid - You make any kitchen pretty!
    Vintage Reading - Glad you liked the post.


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