Monday, 1 November 2010

Travels With My Aunt

I had a slight panic in the days leading up to Florence that I only had one book. As part of The Duty Free Shopping Experience we went to WHS Books. I found Graham Greene's Travels With My Aunt. It was perfect for this trip.

"I find it difficult myself to go away for a night without a rather heavy suitcase, for I am uneasy if I have not at least one change of suit and that entails also a change of shoes. A change of shirt, a change of underclothes and of socks are almost essential to me, and taking into consideration the vagaries of the English climate I like to take some woollens just in case." Graham Greene Travels With My Aunt

slightly overpacked


  1. That sounds like entirely sensible packing to me! Hope Florence was wonderful!

  2. I should pass that quote on to my mom, we are always teasing her about the giant suitcases she takes along for the shortest of trips!


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