Sunday, 31 October 2010

The Month of October

Definately felt shorter than September. Feeling that I've come out of the 'new job' cloud.

Lots of cooking for family and friends in our new flat. Having friends and family round makes it seem more like home. There are more memories attached to our flat.
Cooking a delicious banana cake, finally attempted pastry and then an apple tart. Warmth made a delicious mushroom lasagne. Celebrating a dear friend's engagement with champagme and pavlova. Triple Chocolate Cookies and toffee apple cupcakes.

A delicious autumn walk around Horniman Gardens.
Exploring Dulwich Village and Lordship Lane. Walks around our new area - exploring streets.
Attempted to go to Gaugin but too long a queue.
Tapas at Brindisa
Lazy days at home....
Explored One New Change as not far from work. More excited to discover a Daunt Books on Cheapside. Bought Dr Zhivago and stocked up on a few more books.
Finally a hair cut. One day it was fine and suddenly over night whoosh it's too long It Must Be Cut Now!
Drinks with the Best Girls at The Zetter

Read The Great Gatsby, The Princess Bride as part of a read along. A Room with a View in preparation for our trip to Florence. Whilst in Florence Travels with my Aunt by Grahame Greene.

Finally joined LoveFilm . Yet to watch a film though.
Internet woes....
Shopping - Ugg boots - I love them. Uniqlo jeans and lusting after +J coat. Fed up with leopard skin being everywhere. I think that's why I've bought make up as I can't find any clothes I like.
Nails - my local nail bars are cheap but don't have a wide range of colours. I treated myself to Chanel Inattendu and Particulare. Getting better at applying it myself, though Warmth hates the smell.

Highlight our trip to Florence. Next week's posts will be on Florentine Thoughts.

Today we're celebrating Halloween with The Blessings. I'd imagined stylish halloween/autumnal decorating of the flat - Warmth had other ideas.... So here's a picture for Halloween my way.


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  1. Toffee apple cupcakes sound delicious! I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to Florence.


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