Monday, 15 November 2010

Favourite words.

I'd been mulling a post about favourite word. You've probably noticed from my comments that I use the words



and 'lovely' an awful lot.


I'd thought that perhaps I should add another favourite word and had thought it would be



Then I read this post and my ideas seemed especially tame... So I visited Save the Words to see what they suggested.

Would this be a good word to use with our current coalition government?

Please imagine


who to you embodies a snollygoster.


  1. Hahaha. Snollygoster conjures up for me visions of a small and rather grumpy shetland pony, wearing yellow wellington boots and trudging through a whole lot of puddles. Not entirely sure why!!!

    Those red velvet cakes look yummy.

  2. I use "Ooooh" a lot as well. I had to stop myself yesterday from starting almost every comment with it..

  3. Hehe - I am guilty too of overusing certain words. Snollygoster is one I shall have to introduce...

  4. Snollygoster? So many politicians, so little space to name them in! Also applicable to most of the applicants in The Apprentice?

    I use discombobulated a lot - a very satisfying word, possibly because of the 'bob' in the middle.

  5. I'll have to add this word to the rotation, I'm quite sure I could find several people per day that would fit the description!

  6. What a great word - snollygoster. The english language is sometimes, 'ooooh lovely and delicious' all at once!


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