Friday, 12 November 2010

Beautiful Things

'The world' she thought ' is certainly full of beautiful things, if only I could come across them.'
E.M. Forster A Room with a View

To help Lucy Honeychurch out, because it's a Friday in November and because we haven't had any flowers for a while....


  1. Lovely quote, and gorgeous flowers! I love peonies, definitely my favorite bloom.

  2. Now it's a beautiful Friday morning... thank you!

  3. Just seen three pheasants walking one behind the other in single file across my garden - beautiful in a ridiculous kinda way?

  4. Ooh lovely! Especially the first one, with roses and tea. Perfect way to brighten up a November day.

  5. how gorgeous - that first photo has so many beautiful colours in it. If someone were to describe them to me, together, i wouldn't think they would be capable of being such a serene combination. But they are!

  6. Ah, E M Forster and some blowsy peonies. Perfect!


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