Tuesday, 13 July 2010

To be young

Twin and I used to joke about my mother's letters. About once a year we'd receive what became termed 'spread your wings' letters. They'd be encouraging us for what we'd done or encouraging us to reach further. I think I received my last one in the week leading up to our wedding. This quote came from one of these letters.

'To be young means to be hopeful, energetic, smiling and clear-sighted.' Teilard de Chardin

I don't know where mum found this quote from but all I do know that I think I've inherited my storing of quotations from her!


To me balloons really sum up hopeful, energetic, smiling....


  1. I agree - and other things that 'fly' like kites for instance. I always think flying a kite is such a silly, smiley, energetic thing to do. Reminds me of final scene in Mary Poppins!

  2. I love this quote - especially the part about being clear sighted! When do we loose that perspective!

    I didn't know you were a twin - I am too! There is something just astounding about the shared experiences of twins, especially when you are sharing memories of your family, your Mother!

    Lovely, happy post!

  3. Love this quote! I definitely remember being exactly like that at university, and lately I have to constantly keep reminding myself to stay that way. I should print this out and tape it to my bathroom mirror!

  4. thanks for stopping by. I like your blog. The book you are reading sounds interesting.

    I had a great time staying at home. I miss it!

  5. Wonderful quote, and I love that photo. Balloons are brilliant - they always make me think happy thoughts of The Red Balloon, one of my favourite films. For something so manmade and peculiar, balloons are strangely organic.


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