Tuesday, 6 July 2010

That's a story dress

'That's a story dress.'
F.Scott Fitzgerald

When I first thought about using this quote I'd imagined a picture of a fantastic dress, maybe one of Vivienne Westwood's creations. And then over at HipHip GinGin I saw this dress by Bibhu Mohapatra. Now this is a story dress. And why? It will be worn on so many occasions. To dear friends' weddings, maybe out on a date, to the theatre, pretty much anytime of year. On the French Riviera where this novel is set. It will be worn many times and so there will be so many stories attached to that dress.
It's a story dress.
What's your story dress?


  1. That dress is beautiful but I love the shoes also. Have just thought about this and realised why I can't throw out some pieces of clothing that (sadly!) no longer fit - its because they have stories attached. Interesting!

  2. am not sure I have a dress so good- that is stunning

  3. Oh dear, I've just realised I don't have a story dress - possibly the saddest thing I've realised today! It's now my mission to get myself one!

  4. Tonia - Happy Shopping and then more importantly happy story telling...

  5. Love dresses, love this dress! I'd wear it anywhere I could...

  6. I have a black dress that I've worn to a ton of weddings that has great memories of celebrating with friends. I think that's why I keep wearing it over and over again, because it makes me smile to think of previous times I've worn it.


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