Monday, 12 July 2010

That Mad Ache

I knew from this opening paragraph that I would love this novel. I devoured it.

'She opened her eyes. A brisk little breeze had impudently slipped into the bedroom. Already it had turned the curtain into a sail and bent the flowers in their tall vase on the floor, and now it had set its sights on her sleep. It was a spring wind, the very first one, and it smelled of thickets, forests and soil; it had swept unchallenged through the faubourgs of Paris, through their streets choked with traffic fumes, and now it was arriving softly but brashly at dawn in her bedroom, intent on reminding her, even before she emerged from her drowsy state, of the pleasure of being alive.' Francoise Sagan That Mad Ache

It was the perfect warm summer's read. It's about love. It's about fear. It's about passion. It's about convention. It's about not wanting to grow up.

This is how I imagine Lucile to be.
This would be her bedroom.


Have you read it? How did it make you feel?
And if you haven't read it but like the opening passage? Do treat yourself.
Escape into another world.


  1. I think I will treat myself, I need something about this summer to include a lovely breeze and I think this book might be the only way of getting that!!

  2. i'll have to check it out. always up for a good summer read. I love how you visualized her and her bedroom - it's always the best making characters come to life that way. xx, Jane

  3. Based on the opening passage, this feels like a must-read book one that would be great for the summer. It's a beautiful elegant passage, just ripe with possibilities!

    I love the images you've chosen, they seem just right.

  4. Oh man that is one hell of an opening paragraph going to HAVE to read this. Thanks for the suggestion and I have to say I like your impression of who that girl would be. Very nice!!

  5. I felt like I was practically in the room reading that description. Definitely adding it to my Amazon wish list!

  6. I have not read it, but thanks to you, I shall!


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