Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Indefinable Beauty

We haven't had any quotes with flowers in recently and so I've picked a small posy here.

'She had that indefinable beauty which comes from joy, from enthusiasm, from success, the beauty which is simply a harmony between temperament and circumstances... like flowers that have manure, rain, wind and sun, and she was blossoming at last in the splendour of her being.' Gustav Flaubert Madame Bovary



  1. What a beautiful quote... and lovely flowers to go. I'm looking forward to the Madame Bovary read a long hosted by Nonsuch book later this year. Then I will know where this quote came from. Great too for Paris in July!

  2. Gorgeous images: think everyone needs some blossoming today!

  3. What a lovely description! And a nice reminder that I need to read Madame Bovary.

  4. I have those same flowers in your top photo on my kitchen window sill from my garden. Haven't been back to Madamme Bovary since my first read 30 years ago, but I remember finding her slightly annoying!

  5. Must. Read. Mme. Bovary. !!


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