Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Love, Respect and Fancy

We went to Worthing Pier and played on the 2p slot machines.
Warmth had a turn on the fruit machines I thought of this quote.
'What did we want from a man, what were we looking for? What I wanted was someone I could love, respect and fancy. I thought that was what one should be aiming for,...And when I started with men it always seemed as difficult as getting three strawberries in a row on a fruit machine.' Julian Barnes Talking it Over


  1. And entirely a matter of chance - very like a fruit machine!

  2. And its not only you that has to get three in a row, but your partner also .... so the chances get even slimmer. But it still happens!

  3. So true! That we ever find our match with odds like that is truly a miracle.

  4. beautiful little quote, and I love the free and whimsical nature of that photograph. lovely pairing. xx, Jane


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