Monday, 21 June 2010


...'nice' is such an anodyne word... hardly an adjective at all, and certainly not one worthy of using... it doesn't convey much. To call my father 'nice' to emphasise his niceness above all else, was to make him sound bland and insipid and he was neither.' Margaret Forster The Memory Box

Another classic example for me when something you've always thought is put onto paper and you no longer feel alone in the world in your thoughts. I've always disliked being described as 'nice' for exactly the above it's anodyne. Surely say I'm intelligent, kind, happy... nice is just lazy and do you really know me?

So here are some beautiful pictures to start the week with.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree and can safely say that those pictures are anything but nice! ;)

  2. Nice is just like a written shrug of the shoulders: ok, but not worth too much effort. Too much like the nursery rhyme 'sugar and spice' which always made me feel sick!

  3. Yes! Thank you! I have always avoided "nice" when describing people, and I definitely hate to hear it said about myself. Mostly because I really can't figure out what it means exactly. Kind I understand, honest, cheerful, etc. Nice is just...blah.


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