Friday, 18 June 2010

The V&A Museum

So I'm having a bit of a V&A week. On Saturday Twin and I went to see the Grace Kelly exhibition. We did enjoy it. As a great High Society fan I loved seeing some of the clothes from the film.
This dress is in the exhibition .
My favourite line from High Society is when Tracey Lord's sister is sitting chatting to Dexter (Bing Crosby) her ex-husband and she asks if he'll marry again. He replies along the line of he's waiting for her to grow up. And her response is.
'oh for you Dexter I'll hurry.'
And Grace Kelly? Well to quote from when she and Dexter talk about their honeymoon boat True Love - 'oh my she was yar.'

And then this evening having posted about this back in March, and then April, I'm finally going to the Quilting Exhibition and so here's my final quilting quote. I'm looking forward to seeing all the quilts but I think it's the modern ones which interest me most.
'It's not just the words I make that are sewn onto the blanket that are important. It's the thoughts and the words that are spoken as the blanket is sewn.' Tracey Emin Vogue March 2010


And then after the exhibition we shall speak thoughts and words over a glass of wine.

A perfect Friday night. What are your plans?


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the Grace Kelly exhibition - it's fun, isn't it? You will adore Quilts, though it's interesting you say you are most looking forward to the modern ones - most people just walk straight past them! My personal favourite is the one with the sundial in the middle from the late 1700s - you'll know which one I mean when you go in. I go in most lunchtimes just to stare at the beautiful beautiful fabrics and shapes...they entrance me! (I work at the V&A, by the way!)

  2. Oh, wasn't the GK exhibition brilliant? I so enjoyed it too! I hope you enjoy the quilting exhibition too - I look forward to reading your thoughts on it. I went a few weeks ago and very much enjoyed it.

  3. I must take a trip to the V&A. I'd like to see the quilts. Friday night plans: avoid the football, early night and good book!

  4. Hope you read the great article in Vanity Fair on Grace a few months ago. Loved her classic fashion sense.....

  5. Cannot WAIT to see the GK exhibition, must make it soon. And High Society is one of my all time fave films, in fact was singing true love just today! So many great lines- 'Caroline, don't say stinks. If absolutely necessary, smells, but only if absolutely necessary'
    Which dress is in the exhibition? The link doesn't work- is it Tracey's wedding dress? I dreamed of having a dress like that for my wedding.. ahhhh
    Hope the quilting was good too

  6. Loved the quilts and the wine and chatting!!! My favourite quilt was the simple one about punctuation!!!


  7. Did you enjoy the quilting exhibition/ It's all quite amazing right? Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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