Monday, 14 June 2010


All the rain we had last week made me search out a rain quote....

'These moments of silent meditation took away all his cares, made up for all his pain. Once again, love entered his heart like rain falling on dry ground, first drop by drop, fighting to carve a path through the pebbles, then in a long cascade straight to his heart.' Irene Nemirovsky Suite Francaise

Here's hoping for a sunnier, drier week...


  1. I love your themed quotes - I agree this is perfect given how much rain came down last night.

  2. I know I'm in the minority on this but I love a rainy day! Sunny days are lovely also, but there is something about a dark rainy day that I find so cozy and romantic.

  3. I don't like rainy days really, but maybe if I try to remember your beautiful quotation each time the heavens open, it'll be a bit more bearable!

  4. Beautiful quote... we had a rainy, grey weekend, but the sun is finally out today.

  5. What a beautiful quote, makes me hope for rain, the peaceful, hopeful rain in the quote! the images are just wonderful as well!


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