Friday, 11 June 2010

Intelligent Personable Men

"Do you think there are three intelligent personable men sitting around a table wondering where we are?'...
"Not likely" says Nikki, "they'll be talking about football." Tibor Fischer The Collector Collector

I read this book years ago. I can't remember much about it. I liked it. It's a bit weird. It's about a pot that's lived through history. It's a good read. It spoke to me at the time - about life, friendships and hoping for love.

I saved this quote never imagining that I'd fall in love and marry a man who'll be watching The World Cup. But yet. I remember our first date. Warmth walking me back to the tube station. We started talking about books. He was reading Orhan Pahmuk. I remember thinking I'd like to go on a second date with this man to talk books and reading. We started our second date talking about books and we continue talking about books.


This is my idea of playing with a round shaped object.....


  1. Hehe - I am lucky that my man does not do football, mind you he likes the Tour de France, which although it only comes once a year, is every night for 3 weeks.

  2. That quote is too funny. My husband doesn't watch football so I will actually be more of a pest about the World Cup, only a couple of teams though. American football is another story though, but luckily we are both into it so it works out!

  3. My husband and sons are all watching it, and I don't mind one bit, cos I am absolutely absorbed by my new-found pastime - blogging! I may take my laptop into the 'footie room' and when I see something I love (like your poem yesterday) I may shout loudly and with feeling "Yessss!"


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