Monday, 17 May 2010


'It was a tradition between them that they should never be too tired for anything, and they found it it made the days better on the whole.' F. Scott Fitzgerald Tender is the Night
This is my kind of tradition and explains the busy, and very wonderful weekend we've just had. This looks like a party not to be too tired for.

And here's Hotel Eden Roc, where some of this novel is set. Oh to imagine the parties there.

How was your weekend?


  1. I love, love Tender is the Night. I've read it 3 times and its one of my absolute favourite novels. I've never seen a picture of the Hotel Eden Roc. Thanks for that and the lovely quote!

  2. Lovely post- so true.. I'm going to adopt that motto methinks. Whenever you make yourself do something or go out despite feeling bit snoozy- you always have an amazing time!

  3. Love that quote, very true, sometimes even when you are too tired if you pretend it isn't so you really do have a better time! I read a psychology article somewhere that said if you act as though you are happy, or energized or whatnot you will actually begin to feel that way. I've tried it and it does work (to an extent), so lately I've really been trying to act the way I want to feel instead of waiting for the feeling to come by on its own.

  4. oh Mrs B check out the website - It's the next best thing to being there!
    HipHip and Lula a bit like making oneself smile always makes things a little cheerier -for us and for others.

  5. My weekend was great thank you... lots of sunshine and reading and a few friends etc. Is that a Cecil Beaton picture in this post? I love his society photos - they are so distinctive (she says not knowing whether it is one of them!).

    Have a great week


  6. OOoooh the Eden Roc... such sweet memories! Remember when we zoomed past on the back of the boat!

    Beautiful memories....

    We should go again xxxx


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