Friday, 14 May 2010

Mad Men

We've started watching Mad Men. I'm loving it. Warmth is dipping in and out of it. One of my colleagues loves it because 'they drink whisky all day'.
When I saw the new Prada prints collection - oh my oh my.
Now which character would choose which dress?


Or more importantly which dress would you choose?


  1. Oh I love Mad Men so much!! Can't wait for the next season to start. We always make a cocktail and have some fun snacks while we watch, we're quite nerdy about it actually!
    And I would pick the dress with the gray swirly patter, although really who could choose they are so lovely!

  2. Ooh my girlfriends and I did that for SATC maybe that should be restarted for MadMen.Good dress choice - somehow my eyes always go for the florals....


Ooh how lovely more stripes on the page...
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