Friday, 23 December 2011

This time in December

Today it's Carol Ann Duffy's birthday and so any excuse for some Duffy. This piece comes from her 'Another Night before Christmas'.

Then she watched as the room filled with magic and light
As the spirit of Christmas made everything bright
And suddenly presents were heaped by the tree -
But she didn't wonder, which ones are for me?

For the best gift of all is to truly believe
In the wonderful night that we call Christmas Eve,
When adults remember, of all childhood's laws,
This time in December will bring Santa Claus.


How will you be spending today?


  1. No excuse needed for Duffy! Last minute race around the shops for nephew-sized presents. Have a lovely Christmas!

  2. My last shift at the library before enjoying a festive weekend! After dinner my husband and I will pick up cups of coffee and tea for the drive around to see lights all over the city.

    Enjoy your Christmas!

  3. Tonia - Hope your shopping was successful & your Christmas lovely.
    Darlene - ooh driving around to see the Christmas lights. How lovely.


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