Friday, 9 December 2011

A feast of cake

'She remembered the great decorated kitchen, with holly hung from the rafters among the salt-rimed shrouded hams and puddings, a fiddler on the back stairs, and a feast of cake and fruit and pasties, wine and whisky.' Winifred Holtby South Riding
cake, fruit
What are your Christmas memories of food?


  1. As my mum has just handed over the christmas cake she makes every year, it would have to be the decorations that go on top of it: handed down from my nan, the plastic reindeer and snow-dusted trees that date from the 50s are very evocative for me.
    Oh and the satsuma in the bottom of the stocking on christmas morning!
    Nowadays I try to create my own with my daughter by making our own mince pies from scratch. Easier than it sounds.

  2. Tonia - aaah the Christmas cake - I love it. Alas I just end up taking a doorstep like hunk of a slice from my mum's cake rather than her baking me my own one.


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