Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Persephone Secret Santa

Last week a parcel arrived. On the back was written 'Persephone Secret Santa!' And inside.....

A lovely card, holly Christmas tree decoration and Elizabeth Cambridge Hostages to fortune from Simon at Stuck in a Book. What is so lovely is that I gave to Simon last year for Persephone Secret Santa, and he mentioned this in his card.

Thank you Simon for the gifts - I look forward to finding time to read this inbetween Christmas and New Year.

And thank you Claire and Verity for organising it again this year.

What did you receive/give for Persephone Secret Santa?


  1. Ooh lucky you - sounds like the very best sort of secret santa!

  2. It's so lovely seeeing everyone get wonderful Persephone books. I gave Mariana and got Greenbanks wbhich I am looking forward to rereading!

  3. Thank you very much for High Wages, I am looking forward to reading it.

  4. Tonia - Perhaps you;ll join us next year. Yes a book, especialy a grey book, secret santa is the best sort.
    Verity - How wonderful to receive Mariana - I think it was my second Persephone. Greenbanks seems quite the book this year.
    Stuck in a Book - Hello!
    Karoline - Hello and so pleased it arrived.

  5. Don't ya just love Persephone Exchange? My Santa this year was the one I was Santa for last year, too!
    I was telling a friend about my book when she asked me if it was more fun to buy for a 'total stranger' than for family, and I had to agree for some family, yes of course!

  6. I just love the designs in the Persephone books - lucky you. Have a lovely Christmas!

  7. Care - I so enjoyed buying for my last year's givee. I think as well with PSS - you know they are going to love what they receive!
    Cathy - Thank you! and you too.

  8. Such a lovely package to receive in the mail. Aren't we blessed? I'm looking forward to the week after Christmas when I can properly enjoy my Persephone book (Greenbanks).

  9. Bellezza - Having read in lots of posts about readers receiving Greenbanks I'm now intrigued by that book. Looking forward to reading all your thoughts on the books everyone will be reading now.


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